Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Being there

I've heard some people claim that, soon, with Google Maps, Earth and Streetview, there'd be no reason left to travel. You could just log on to the net and see every sight in highly defined detail. Every view of every shore will be captured. Every tiny detail on the Notre Dame in Paris can be browsed from home. Better photographers than you have already captured the most beautiful sunsets and posted them conveniently on Google Earth. Why not save the money and just buy a new computer instead?

well, because that's not being there.

Being there is riding through rain and storm, falling over and having my motorbike break down in the middle of nowhere.
Being there is discovering the hidden reserves within me that enables me to overcome such obstacles.
Being there is seeing those picture-perfect sunsets, and knowing that this particular one is mine alone.
Being there is not just seeing that sunset, but enjoying it with a good bottle of wine and a meal shared with that new friend with the funny accent and a million stories.
Being there is feeling the wind on my face, the cool rocks against my bare feet, and facing the rain with songs at the top of my lungs.

Being there makes me feel alive.

Now, drink with me, to friendship and love. For everything else is just tin.

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1 comment:

Lucas Alexander said...

Beautiful bro! Really liked that poem, almost made me cry. But it's so true!