Sunday, May 16, 2010

The adventure is not over. Far from it.

Originally posted on April 12th

I finally bought a motorbike! It's a Suzuki SV 650 in a brazen orange colour. I haven't decided on a name yet :) It's a lot easier getting up in the morning when I have a bike-ride to look forward to!

Here's some grainy pictures of the beauty:

I spent easter in Spain climbing the area known as Siurana. It was awesome and I'm falling in love with sportsclimbing. Looks like I'll have to spend some more money on gear!

All photos by my good friend and climbing partner Andreas Skielboe:

The valley. This was our playground every day for a week!

Andreas coming down


I wish I could take credit for this climb, but this was Gustavo. Awesome!

on another note, I'm trying out ads on the site. I want them to be unobtrusive and related to the content of the blog so I'll give 'em a few weeks trial.  if they misbehave or learn bad manners they're out.

On another, much more important note: Check out my brother's awesome blog!


Andreas said...

Nice photos. :P

Jophiel said...

Thanks man. I know an awesome photographer ;) I hope you don't mind me crediting you with your full name.

Fastest comment ever! Haven't even facebook'd it yet!

Andreas said...

Nah, its all good man. You can link to my blog now as well: :)

Jophiel said...

If I ever post another post I'll be sure to link :)

Jophiel said...
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