Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The beginning

I'm going to australia! On a motorcycle! This is my blog about it!

the current plan involves flying to Adelaide sometime in the beginning of january. From there I'll travel southeast via the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne, then Sydney, and from there north to Brisbane and Cairns. Then maybe New Zealand, but the jury's still out on that one.

I'll climb!
I'll rappel!
I'll parachute!
I'll dive!
With sharks!
I'll dig for treasure!
I'll be having an adventure!
I'll be doing it on a fucking motorbike!!!

All in all I'll be gone for 3-6 months depending on whether I opt to go to New Zealand or not.

I'm starting my blog in advance because
a) I'm excited.
b) I may need some help preparing.
c) I get lonely sometimes.

There are quite a few things I need to take care of before I leave. I need to find someone who knows something about motorcycles. Preferably someone who's travelled on one and knows what I need to look out for. I also have to find out where and how I can buy one down there. I also have to find out about what else I need to find out about. My head hurts.

Wikipedia has some good things to say about blogs:

Therapeutic Benefits

Scientists have long known the therapeutic benefits of writing about personal experiences. Blogs provide another convenient avenue for writing about personal experiences. Research shows that it improves memory and sleep, boosts immune cell activity and reduces viral load in AIDS patients and even speeds healing after surgery.
Phew! Good thing I started blogging young!

I'll go to sleep now, as I have to be up in, like, 6 hours. But my sleep is improved!


Allan said...

I will be right here watching your trip :)

Lucas Alexander said...

That sounds bloody awesome matie, don't forget to put some shrimps on the barbi!

Andreas said...

This blog it so 1873s. I like it! Can't wait to hear more about your trip.

Heather Petri said...

Have fun on your trip! It sounds fantastic. Australia is has to be better seen from a motorcycle!

Jophiel said...

Good to know people are reading my blog!
And the first post gets a comment from an olympic medalist! What a start :)