Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Disease, cameras and Rice Boy

I am sick of being sick! Friday I came down with the fever, and practically every other ailment I could think of, and I'm still in bed today, bored out of my skull. This will be a short post due to my lack of desire for writing about snot, mucus, and the weird deliriums of fevered dreams.

Wednesday I went climbing for the first time. Fun! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to go while being sick, but I've bought a pair of climbing shoes and joined a beginners climbing class. Finally I'm getting some good excersize, and I have a lot of fun doing it. It's extremely tough on my measly forearms and fingermuscles, but that'll be evened out in a few weeks of practice.

I started shopping for my trip!
For starters, I've bought a nice digital camera, the Canon Digital Ixus 860 IS, so the quality of pictures on this blog should be improving (hopefully). Speaking of photography, a good friend of mine can do magic with his camera

Oh! And my drivers test is tomorrow! Nerves? You betcha!

I have been enjoying the evocative tale of Rice Boy. So should you! (click the little red image) It's without a doubt one of the best comics I've ever read!

If you're into gaming, you should give the long-awaited Spore a spin. I played it for a few hours and had a lot of fun being god!

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