Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Busy weekend! We cleaned up the apartment, and it's really shining now! We had a potential buyer yesterday, and with the apartment looking this good, I'm confident we'll sell it at full price soon.

Tomorrow evening I'm going to Norway to visit the beautiful Hedda Johannesen of Roskilde fame. I'll be staying there for four days, arriving home around midnight sunday. Glee!

Anyways, Australia!

What concerns me most right now is how to find, buy and sell a motorcycle when I'm down there. And if I go to New Zealand (which I think I will) do I buy a seperate one for that trip? Or is it possible to freight one from Australia to NZ.
I also need to find out about how to repair a motorcycle. I'm gonna go to the library to see if they have any books on the subject. Also, I need to find out what kind of tools I should bring, and if I should buy them down there.
Ooh! And i set a date! The current plan is to leave on the 12th of january. It all depends on selling the apartment though. The sooner it's sold, the sooner I can confirm the date.

Bike :
The technical-riding course this Saturday went like a breeze, even though my brake lengths could be shorter. I'll have to practice that. The best part was learning to lift a sidecar from the road, balancing on two wheels with the sidecar "hovering" in the air. It was quite heavy, requiring good arm-strength for extended driving.
Last week I wrote that I wouldn't buy a bike before I left, but having checked the used motorcycle market I'm not so sure anymore... Should I decide to buy one, I'll have to bring someone with me who knows about motorcycles to tell me whether I'm getting a good deal or being ripped off. In the end, we'll have to wait and see, but I will put pictures up if/when I buy one :)

In other news: Google just announced they're working on a new webbrowser! Knowing the general quality of google products, this is exciting stuff! I love firefox, but it is a bit slow, and it has a tendency to crash if you use it for too long in one sitting (something about the cache being overloaded). Check the link to google's blog on the left. The beta goes live right about now, if I remember correctly.

If you're not reading not-included, you're not living. It's weird in a cute sort of way, and the current page features an army of hooded snipers on dinosaurs.

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