Monday, October 20, 2008

Information overload

In my last post I told you I'd gotten into contact with this guy who'd done a trip similar to mine. Well, I've mailed him, and he turned out to be a real wellspring of information. He sent me one of the longest mails I've received in my life with detailed answers to every question I'd asked him. It's been about 10 years since he made his trip though, so some things will have changed (like, Internet access and prices in general, gas in particular). Gas in Australia is a bit more than half the danish price, which I'm very pleased to hear as it might save me as much as 2000 USD.
He was kind enough to give me a few links to used bike market pages, insurance info, and backpacker sites.

Before talking to him I was pretty nervous about this motorcycle thing, what with my complete lack of experience and all. Now, however, I'm completely psyched about it! I just can't wait!

I'm a bit worried that the apartment won't sell in time for me leaving on January 12th, but I think I might be leaving anyhow. I just can't wait to get out there! I'm gonna look into sponsorships. I have a friend who's an elite athlete who knows a thing or two about how to get sponsors, and I'm gonna ask her for advice. Any little thing would help, and it'd be a fun challenge doing this for "more than myself". Who knows? Maybe one day you'll see me on National geographic!

I got to see my friend's little daughter last weekend. She's very small, and very beautiful. They're not too sure about what to name her, but last I heard they were going to call her Fri (which means free in danish). Beautiful name if you ask me.

I'm thinking about performing at an open-mic night this Wednesday. I was there last week, but didn't summon the courage. The place is really crowded each night, so it'll be a completely different experience for me. I'm scared senseless.

Wait. This is interesting.

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Introducing...Fylix said...

Hi Jophiel!

Thanks for your comment. I've been looking for people planning trips as well, as this is my first one.

Australia and NZ sounds amazing! Thats the kind of thing I'd love to do...but not until I have the money to do it unfortunately.

I'll keep an eye on your blog too, you'll be leaving for Adelaide before I even start so hopefully I can learn what to take with me!

Yes I'm a Journalism student. Writing for a paper sounds like a really good idea, I hope you get taken on. In the UK we have a lot of magazines like Motorcycle you have any like that?

I'm thinking of documenting my trip as part of my final assesment, but looking for sponsorship sounds like a good idea too. Thanks for the suggestion!

Good luck! x