Friday, October 10, 2008

Many things

A lot has happened these last two weeks! Some bad, some good.

The bad stuff was mainly just too much worrying about the trip, girls, and my music. The good stuff far outweighs it though.

Climbing is great and I'm getting better. A friend took a few pictures, but I don't have them available for upload yet. I'll post them soonish.

I played my own songs three times: one open-mic night, one small concert for friends and family, and once on request from a group of friends. Awesome!

The open-mic night was on an impulse, masterminded by a beautiful friend of mine, Sophie Woods, whose concert I attended the night before. Each musician got to play one song, then the other artists had a go, and because not many people was there, everyone who wanted to got to play three songs. I wanted to. The first one didn't go too well. I was really nervous (performing my own songs for an audience for the first time!), and I worried too much. The second song went much better, and by the time I was done with the third, even I was pleased with the result.
Sophie (whose real name is Anne-Stine) was kind enough to film two of my songs, and I'll post them when I get them converted to a smaller size. Which is, again, soonish.
The next Thursday I played a small concert for friends and family at a friend's house. I was still a bit nervous when I started, but that quickly passed. People responded really well, and it felt great doing it!

We've settled on an estate agent, and we've just signed the papers today. He seems like a good, down-to-earth guy, and we're confident he'll do a good job. Hopefully it won't be too long before I can confirm that departure date :)

I've had a lot of worries about my trip this last week, so I decided to find someone who'd done something similar and then interrogate him on how he did it. Particularly the bike-speciffic questions, like what should I buy, for how much, how much should I expect to use on gas, how about ensurance, and so on. A few days ago,  fate was kind enough to drop an e-mail adress for a guy who's done this kind of trip. I'm going to call him this weekend.

Oh, and I purchased the rice boy comic-book. It's that good!

I nearly forgot!!
One of my close friends became a dad about a week ago! He's the first in my group of friends to get a kid, so it's really exciting! Now he's the proud father of a beautiful little girl. I haven't seen her yet because I'm a bad person, but I hope to remedy that this weekend.

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