Saturday, November 29, 2008

How can anyone hate mondays?!?

What a monday! First, the loan goes through, then I reserve my ticket, and then my estate broker calls me to tell me he's sold the apartment! Thankfully, I hadn't signed the loan yet :)
I can pay for my own trip! And I save 21.000 DKK on rent while I'm away! And I can buy a motorcycle when I get home! And still have enough money to invest 100.000 in stocks! And I'm 1/4 of a way to being a millionaire! And... WOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!

On top of that, the mini-laptop (HP Compaq nc4010) and small pair of binoculars I've been waiting for arrived at my home Monday. Both were a real bargain, as they easily exceed my expectations. The pc is slick and fast, with nothing but windows and anti virus installed. Perfect! The binoculars are even smaller than I'd hoped, and even more rugged. (love that word. I think my chest gets more hairy every time I say it. Rugged rugged rugged rugged)

As I said, my ticket is reserved, and the date is set in stone. The route looks like this:

[Copenhagen, Denmark] - [London, UK] - [Hong Kong, Hong Kong] - [Sydney, Australia] - [Christchurch, New Zealand]
Then, after three months in NZ:
[Auckland, New Zealand] - [Melbourne, Australia]
From here, I'll book a plane to Adelaide as the ticket wasn't flexible if I booked Adelaide from the travel company. for some obscure reason.
Then, after three months in Australia:
[Cairns, Australia] - [Singapore, Singapore]
Ten days in Singapore, then:
[Frankfurt, Germany] - [Copenhagen, Denmark]
just in time for the Nakke Festival , unless I decide to extend my ticket.

I'll go into more details about specific times etc. when the date approaches.

Last week I posted a link for the Google map I've made. For more awesomeness, click the link "View in Google Earth" in the top right corner (requires Google Earth ). If you turn on the terrain feature, you can marvel at the digital beauty of the mountains, glaciers, and coastlines of New Zealand.

After viewing my trip in Google Earth the other day, I started wondering how far New Zealand really is from Denmark. It turns out that it's really quite close to being on the other side of the world entirely!

(find your current position in the black map, and the red upside-down map is what's on the other side of the world for you)

It certainly couldn't be much closer. I hadn't realized this since I've only been studying maps, not globes. When viewing my map in Google Earth, try double-clicking the Home placemark. When it's settled, double-click Christchurch and watch it go! It almost feels like those Indiana Jones air-transit scenes.

Click here for a more detailed map of antipodal positions (fancy-talk for other-side-of-the-world positions).

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I didn't realise you were gonna be in London...are you gonna be here for long or is it just a stop over? I live in London at the moment so I could give you a whirlwind tour if you wanted?! x