Monday, December 8, 2008

I'll always remember

You gotta love it when your mother goes "now that's good music! Seriously, she did! She's the coolest mum in the world.

Nothing new since my last post, really. Travel preparations have been sparse latetely, as I feel pretty much done. It feels like such a long wait until January 11. I'm starting to get a little sad about leaving my friends and family for six whole months. It's gonna be an adventure, but it's also gonna be pretty lonely...
Also, these last two weeks have been a bit turbulent emotionally. I screwed things up with a girl I liked, and now I'm paying for it. Things are looking up a bit though, and for the first time in almost two weeks I've attacked my planning with enthusiasm. Can't wait to get on that bike!

So instead of the usual post, I've decided to share a poem I've written as I'm kinda fond of it. I wrote it for Hedda after she left Copenhagen. It captured my feelings at the time quite well I think.

I'll always remember
that icy November
I woke with you there by my side.
Two angels with roses
was there, and a dosis
of wine that would last through the night.

As snow started falling
I heard myself calling
your name to the tinkling ice.
Your body so slender,
your kisses so tender,
as I held you close to me, tight.

When winter descended
we played and pretended,
engrossed in our bold battle plans.
Like children we stuttered,
we teased and we fluttered
while battling dawn's slow advance.

I'll always remember
that fateful November
when dawn came and stole you away.
one beautiful morning
with tears, as a warning
of loss at the breaking of day.

But all who remember
that gentle November
still know it was ours to claim.
two lovers who challenged
the dawn, and reclaimed
that night we made love in your name.

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Christie-Jane said...

Min dejlige søn! Jeg synes din blogg er fantastisk interessant at læse. Det er ikke for langt, jeg kan lide du omtaler mange ting i mindre afsnit - det er meget interessant læsning, ligesom når du fortæller - jeg bliver grebet af det.
Idag er der 2 uger til du rejser - det er spændende, jeg glæder mig til at følge dig, samtidig - er det f..... langt tid du er væk.
Jeg ønsker dig lykke, lys og masser af gode eventyr på din tur, du er i mit hjerte - jeg er meget stolt af dig og husk at jeg elsker dig. din mutti